I, Too, Sing America: Langston Hughes Unfurled

Dream Documentary Collective is proud to present: “I, Too, Sing America”: Langston Hughes Unfurled, a two-part documentary film about the life of African American poet and writer Langston Hughes and the most recent humanities scholarship on his work.  The tentative release date for the film is winter/spring 2020.

Poetry Readers:

  • Antoinette Jacine Williams is a student at Longview Community College, and she wants to be a pediatric nurse. She spent her fall 2015 semester in The People’s Republic of China.
  • Ny-Esha Fisher is a freshman at Langston University in Oklahoma, and she is planning to pursue a career in medicine.
  • Jason J Williams II is a 7th grader at Pleasant Lea Middle School where he has consistently been on the Principal’s Honor Roll. He is also on the school’s football team.
  • Jason Ivan Williams is in his first year at Pleasant Lea Middle School. He likes it “fine.”  In his elementary school he was the school emcee at all school programs and sang in the school choir. He plans on being just as involved in middle school.